The program ‘Draft’ is the intelligence behind the draft measurement system and is foresee of a clarifying measure screen, where the most important data is readable with large size digit. The software is suitable for Win2000 and WinXp on computers with pIII-500Mhz and more. For your convenience ‘Draft’ is provided with a clear logfunction, to search easy for that one trip/ load. It’s possible to make a print for your ship administration. The print can be made in Dutch, English, German and France and also contains ships data like : telephone and IMO number. Of course the certificate of tonnage can be looked up and printed. In the program ‘Draft’ it’s also possible to adjust the clinometerlights per centimeter.

Alarm settings :
Loaded tons, Unloaded tons, Bend & Torsion

The Alarm values can be changed and saved. A important function is the adjustment of specific weight of the outboard water, If the ship is loaded on salt or fresh. The program continues to display the right tons.

Height measurement
The software for height measurement displays wheelhous, radarmast and mast foreship height. The height is measured from the shipsbottom and the draft is subtracted to give height from water to highest point. Software also is compensating for trim values. If the ship sales there is suction, This it looks that the ship is floater. If you use the draft saved, in the harbor this suction has no influence on the height measurement. For your convenience, The software displays the low-normal and highestpoint of the wheelhous/mast.

Tank measurement
The software for tank measurement is ‘tailor made’ for every ship and tank. Adjustments you can make yourself are tank liquid, specific weight, temperature coefficient. Of course is for every tank, high and low alarm values adjustable. The alarm can be used externally. The tankliquid can be display as : sounding, volume, tonnage and percent. As option tankcapacity can be display on other computers real-time. The tank capacity can be saved and looked up, also this is possible automatic in a (logfunction)